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  • Looking to buy a silencer or NFA item? Here is what you need to know prior to coming in.
    Sign up for an ATF eForms account if you don't already have one. At First Due Firearms, all silencer/NFA sales are filed electronically. You need set up an account here: Click the green “Register” button, and complete the registration process. Keep note of the PIN number that you created during registration. The PIN is used at the end of filing, in place of a signature. Keep this private. When you come in to the shop, you will need: A current driver’s license, with correct address matching your eForms account Your eForms username, and Your eForms PIN number that you created during registration Digital fingerprinting and picture are taken in-house. There is a $65 fee for the digitizing of prints, and digital 2”x2” photo. Your digital picture and prints are retained, and don’t need to be taken again. This will expedite the time needed to file for future purchases. Rolled prints are still available at no cost (however not recommended, as they take longer and are not retainable for future purchases of NFA items). The ATF charges a $200 tax (per serial number) associated with the filing. Please bring a Credit/Debit card to pay for this tax stamp. It is paid for electronically, directly to the ATF, during the filing process. It’s as simple as that. We take care of the rest. The hardest part is waiting for approval! ***ALL ITEMS NEED TO BE PAID FOR (IN FULL) AT TIME OF FILING*** TOTAL COST: Price of item (plus ME sales tax), $65 digital fingerprinting fee, and $200 direct to ATF for your tax stamp.
  • Why were you closed when I stopped in?
    As a small shop with an owner that works a full-time job, the doors aren’t open on a regular schedule. The shop is open 4+ days a week from 10am-5pm. The days just rotate around my career. I am flexible, and make myself available as much as possible.
  • Do you do transfers?
    Yes, we offer transfer services. PLEASE MAKE US AWARE AHEAD OF TIME! Read the info on the website you are buying from. Your questions are likely answered there. We charge $40 per serial number (CASH ONLY). For NFA transfers, we charge $150 with digital filing, plus a $65 digital fingerprinting fee, if not on file. For more information on NFA transfers and the process, read our section on NFA items above. ​ Please look over our online inventory or ask first. We might be able to get that gun for you before you buy online, which would save you from paying transfer expenses. Timing of transfers needs to be scheduled by us. Do not follow the tracking and expect to come in the minute the delivery is made.
  • Will you order something for me?
    Yes, as long as the item is available from my distributors. I just require payment up front on special orders.
  • Digital Fingerprinting Services
    We offer digital EFT files for Form 1 use. The fee is $100 for fingerprints and picture for use by yourself, or another shop. It is a one-time fee of $65 if used here at First Due Firearms.
  • Are silencers legal?
    100% legal. I make the process as painless as possible and will walk you through it. The hardest part is the waiting. You will need an ATF eForms account prior to buying your item. At time of filing, you will need your User Name, and PIN #.
  • Do you offer receipts?
    Yes, in fact for $5 extra I offer receipts for what you told your significant other you paid for the items.
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