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Nate Maillet

Nate Maillet, owner of First Due Firearms and a career firefighter by trade, has spent the last decade cultivating knowledge in the gun industry, gaining expertise in NFA laws, and honing his skill in AR-15/M16 armoring. His exacting requirements for quality forced him to make the decision to open Maine’s best full-service gun shop, subsequently releasing a rifle that you can count on.


First Due Firearms opened its doors in 2016 offering a wide range of services including gunsmithing, AR-15 armoring, as well as firearm sales. From the beginning, the goal was to build the best hard-use rifles on the market. Having a lifelong access to a family machine shop gave Nate a unique perspective on metallurgy, manufacturing processes, coatings, QA/QC, and what it takes to make a duty-grade rifle. First Due Firearms now supplies these duty-worthy AR-15s to several police departments in Maine.


Nate welcomes you to come to the shop to see what he does differently, and why he does it better! You won’t be disappointed.

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